State Of Security
State Of Security Episode 13

State Of Security Episode 13

June 6, 2017

This is a tidbit episode, and comes in just under 35 minutes. This time around, I walk through a presentation I gave to the Central Ohio CIO/CISO group. The topic is Questions for Cloud Providers and deals with unusual security questions you should be asking beyond the usual SLA. Following that, I talk through an update on what I have been working on, where some of my research is going and what I have been up to over the winter.

I plan to balance between these roughly half hour tidbit episodes, the longer form podcasts which often include interviews or detailed topic dives and quick "flash" episodes which should come in under 15 minutes. 

That means, hopefully, more episodes at a more rapid pace and with a variety of content. 

I hope you dig it. I love making these podcasts, but the real joy is when people tell me they like them. Stay safe out there! 

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